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Bill Moyers on Jim Haba’s Essential ‘Starting With Black’ January 3, 2017: Bill Moyers, television commentator and host of Moyers and Company, shares an essential poem to mark the end of 2016 and the start of a new year. Jim Haba’s ‘Starting With Black’ is [...] by

When Maya Angelou Went to Arkansas With Bill Moyers August 8, 2014: Bill Moyers celebrates the life and legacy of Maya Angelou in the first of two programs for his venture Moyers & Company. In the first, just up, Moyers “revisits an episode from his 1982 [...] by

Martín Espada in Coversation with Bill Moyers February 21, 2013: If you didn’t find your way over to check out Martín Espada chatting with Bill Moyers last week, now is your chance to do so. They talk about poetry and dignity, Playboy vs the Rubáiyát of [...] by

Poets in Performance February 20, 2012: Even more poetry performances from Bill Moyers! Here’s a collection from over the years. From the website: Many of those writers have performed at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, about [...] by

Rita Dove On the Poets She’s “following with great hope” February 20, 2012: Bill Moyers asked Rita Dove “whom she considers the 21st century’s Allen Ginsberg or Countee Cullen” and she rattled off this list, complete with audio/video clips, of poets under 40. by