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Tommy Pico Interviewed at Literary Hub July 28, 2016: Tommy Pico might love raisins. No one can be sure. At Literary Hub, he talks about this confusion, and more, including his debut book of poems, IRL (never met an I RL… we didn’t like), [...] by

Niina Pollari’s Take on Translating Finnish Poetry February 10, 2016: At Catapult, poet Niina Pollari writes about translating Finnish literature into English. Not long ago, Pollari–the author of Dead Horse (Birds LLC, 2015)–found herself in awe of a [...] by

Indyweek Applauds Chris Tonelli with an Indy Arts Award November 19, 2015: Carolina-based periodical, Indyweek, honors Birds LLC founder and So & So Books co-founder, Chris Tonelli, with an Indy Arts Award for his outstanding impact on the area’s literary scene. [...] by

Brooklyn Magazine Talks to Four Brooklyn Small Presses November 18, 2014: Brooklyn Magazine presents four small presses that deserve your attention! While writer Nicole Disser acknowledges standbys like Ugly Duckling Presse and newcomers like Molasses Books, the focus here [...] by

The 2013 Chapbook Festival! April 29, 2013: It’s like a mini (and less overwhelming) AWP, in New York City, right across from the beautiful Empire State Building. There will be so many fabulous presses there, including Argos Books, [...] by

The Gigantic Heart of BIRDS LLC April 2, 2013: When you get a small press that does such gorgeous and professional work, and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice a moment of heart in the process, you get a something like Birds LLC. They’re like [...] by