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  • From Poetry Magazine
    By Sina Queyras

    [Note: The Editors’ Blog occasionally features online exclusives by Poetry’s contributors. This installment comes from Sina Queyras. Past exclusives can be found here.] In 2004, I started a...

  • By Kenneth Goldsmith

    Ron Silliman was the Cal Ripken, Jr. of the poetry blogosphere. He was a good player, but more important, he consistently showed up for...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    No, it's not THAT Poetry Bus. This one's virtual. Far as we can tell, it's some sort of Irish (?) poetry meme. Folks post...

  • By Sina Queyras

    Where do you find the time? That's the question most often asked of me when the subject of blogging comes up. Particularly over the...

  • By Sotère Torregian

  • By Sina Queyras

    I have been mulling over what to post here on Harriet, and when. I wanted to mention the passing of PK Page, for one,...

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