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The Future of Tomorrow? April 30, 2014: From Counterpath Press comes a brace of new books that involve us deeply into the historical roots not only of language, but of outrage and pain.  Often enough I think I’m the wrong target [...] by

A Well-Meant Complement: Timothy Liu on the Fine Art of Blurbing December 3, 2013: Is it time for the new critical genre of blurb review? Timothy Liu takes stock at Coldfront: Shall we talk about blurbs? Is it crass to critique a well-meant compliment? Perhaps. But a corrective may [...] by

Poetics of Distribution, Metadata as Poesis: Tan Lin’s 7CV @ EDIT: Processing Network Publishing April 17, 2010: This coming Wednesday, April 21 on the UPenn campus, Danny Snelson has organized an evening to celebrate Tan Lin’s recent book publication, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The [...] by

Belladonna Book Launch and Two Blurbs March 31, 2010: A week from next Tuesday, Belladonna series in NYC, a series that for the past decade has catered to women’s writing in particular, will celebrate the release of five books, all of which are [...] by

One blurb, two blurb, three blurb, thirty blurbs January 19, 2010: Following up on Craig Santos Perez‘s post on blurbs I offer the following snippet from Vanessa Place’s review of Credit, by Matthew Timmons: Timmons collected thirty blurbs for the book, [...] by