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Poems as Animals: A Ted Hughes Bestiary August 2, 2016: David Biespiel looks at A Ted Hughes Bestiary, edited by Alice Oswald, for Bookforum. Each creature in this compendium of animals real and invented by Hughes is “as parlor-esque as they are [...] by

A Startlingly Detailed Map: Bookforum Reviews Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies July 6, 2016: At Bookforum, a review by Christopher Schmidt of Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies: Essays Near Knowing (Nightboat Books). “He attends . . . to the subtlest registers of misfit between a queer [...] by

Writers, Artists, and Curators Respond to Frieze’s Call for Opinion on Upcoming EU Referendum June 21, 2016: Jennifer Higgie at Frieze asked a large jumble of artists, writers, directors, and curators to weigh in on the upcoming EU referendum. Her opening question: On 23 June the UK will vote either to [...] by

We’ve Only Just Begun: Anne Carson’s Short Stories January 8, 2016: Bookforum reminds us that Anne Carson has turned to writing short stories, having recently published one in Harper’s (“We’ve Only Just Begun”) and another, this week, in the [...] by

At Bookforum, Albert Mobilio Conjures John Wieners via Supplication and Stars Seen in Person January 4, 2016: In “Divine Lines,” Bookforum Editor Albert Mobilio draws readers’s attention to two fresh volumes that cast new light on John Wieners’s poetry. More: At a time when the notion [...] by

New Books by Dodie Bellamy & Eileen Myles Reviewed in Beautiful Essay at Bookforum September 2, 2015: You know it’s a good day when Dodie Bellamy and Eileen Myles are discussed in Bookforum! Lidija Haas looks at Bellamy’s newest essay collection, When the Sick Rule the World [...] by

Maggie Nelson Addresses Beatriz Preciado, Yvonne Rainer, Memoir and more at Bookforum June 9, 2015: The brilliant poet and prose writer, Maggie Nelson, joins conversation with Bookforum to discuss her latest work: The Argonauts. This new work, which follows Nelson’s previous literary [...] by

Change Begins in Art: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Amazing NBA Acceptance Speech November 24, 2014: We’d be remiss if we didn’t highly recommend the speech from Ursula K. Le Guin at the National Book Awards, video of which is now online (see below). Le Guin, who was honored at the [...] by

Boris Pasternak: ‘Poems Are Unimportant’ August 11, 2014: There’s an interesting piece on Boris Pasternak’s literary fame and misfortune over at Bookforum. Steven G. Kellman is here reviewing The Zhivago Affair, co-authored by Peter Finn and [...] by

Ray Johnson’s in the Spotlight at Bookforum August 8, 2014: Bookforum editor Albert Mobilio takes a sneak peek at two Ray Johnson books recently published by Siglio Press: The Paper Snake and Not Nothing. Ray Johnson, an intermedia artist who trained at Black [...] by