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Hey Buddy: Read the Fine Print August 14, 2014: This just in from Galley Cat: readers comprehend more when they read books on paper, than they do when they read books in digital formats. Galley Cat’s well-read conclusions are from a study by [...] by

Ciao Italia! Italy Offers Tax Deductions for Books January 2, 2014: That’s libro, in Italian! The Italian government has unveiled a master plan for attracting foreign investment, and for some reason, it includes a tax deduction for people who buy books! The [...] by

The Marketplace Fairness Act: Taxes for Books Purchased Online? May 8, 2013: Yes, friends, it’s true: we may have to pay taxes for books purchased online, if the Market Fairness Act, which just moved quickly through the Senate, also passes quickly through the House. The [...] by

Cigarettes for Non-Smokers May 25, 2010: Via The Book Bench: Earlier this month, the Hamburg-based publisher Automatenverlag unveiled some re-tooled cigarette dispensers that have been transformed into vending machines stocked with [...] by

the episode in which I hug everyone April 3, 2010: Since my arrival in NYC on Thursday I have hugged at least 30 great, and new, and new great American writers. And tomorrow I have a few more to add to my list.  I’ve only been in public about 18 [...] by