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‘Open Letter to the New Yorker’ From Brian Kim Stefans Points Out Structural Racism of Goldsmith Profile October 5, 2015: Poet and professor Brian Kim Stefans penned an “Open Letter to the New Yorker” this weekend, pointing out in no-uncertain terms the racism he’s found to permeate the controversial [...] by

Re-Reading & Re-Viewing Joseph Mosconi November 13, 2014: Over at The Volta: a graphic (no really!) review from J. Fossenbell of Joseph Mosconi’s Demon Miso/Fashion in Child (Make Now Books, 2014), the book-length poem that also serves as a [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books Hosts Girls of Spectacular Culture: Brian Kim Stefans in Conversation with Kate Durbin October 21, 2014: Los Angeles Review of Books hosts a dialogue between Brian Kim Stefans and Kate Durbin in its most recent installment. Durbin and Stefans’s conversation centers around themes of authenticity [...] by

My Education: The NY/SF Poetry Scene in the Aughts April 1, 2014: I miss New York and the poets there and I’ve dreamed (had actual dreams) about stroking through the double doors of the St. Mark’s Poetry Project to silent-movie applause—applause and davening, [...] by

Kristen Stewart Writes Poetry, Shares Poetry, Receives Serious Feedback February 11, 2014: You all know by now that Kristen Stewart shared a poem of hers with Marie Claire (you can also read it on IndieWire’s blog, The Playlist); it’s even gotten its immediate due on Poetry [...] by

Announcing Volume 2 of The L.A. Telephone Book: New Work From Southern California January 9, 2014: The Los Angeles poetry scene has never seemed particularly attracted to cohesion (and more on that below), but finalement, what you had no idear you were waiting for: The L.A. Telephone Book Vol. 2 [...] by

LA Calling August 10, 2012: We’re grateful to Janice Lee at HTMLGiant for pointing us to this amazing collection, The L.A. Telephone Book, Vol. 1 2011-2012. So many great writers, established and rising stars, occupy [...] by