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Canada’s National Post on Sina Queyras’s M x T May 6, 2014: Mark Medley at Canada’s National Post reviews Sina Queyras’s newest collection of poems, M x T. The title, M x T stands for “Memory x Time”—a possible equation to quantify [...] by

DESIRE TO BE/IN PROXIMITY/TO OKAYNESS: On Sarah Dowling’s DOWN April 10, 2014: In which I talk about reading DOWN &  Sarah Dowling  talks about making DOWN Divya: Reading DOWN “Cause when I open my mouth My whole heart comes out” – Christina Aguilera, “Sing For [...] by

If it walks like apocalypse: Dennis Lee’s testament April 19, 2012: This morning I awoke to some heavy rhymes. I caught only the last two lines: And we plan about snacks and not washing our hands/ And the letter J. and he understands. The he, in this instance, is a [...] by

Contemplation is Mourning: Tim Lilburn February 6, 2010: “Wilderness can be enacted in language, but as it is enacted, language begins to seem less and less like language…[1]” Tim Lilburn is a contemplative poet, a deep reader and thinker, a poet in [...] by