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Carina Finn & Stephanie Berger’s Emoji-Code Translations Are ‘Quite Brilliant’ February 4, 2014: Stylelite has caught on to the tricky emoji poetry of Carina Finn and Stephanie Berger–you’d know these two from, perhaps, The Poetry Brothel; The New York City Poetry Festival, which [...] by

New Issue of ACTION YES! November 8, 2012: Issue 17 of ACTION YES is up. This one is co-edited by Carina Finn & Ji yoon Lee, with contributions by Johannes Göransson and Emily Hunt. Here you go! by

Carina Finn Immortalizes T.S. Eliot September 27, 2012: Many thanks to Carina Finn for her tribute to T.S. Eliot on his birthday yesterday. To celebrate, she performed this song and made this video. The title? “The Love Song of J. Alfred [...] by

Carina Finn Defends Her Life As a Movie + Melodrama !! July 3, 2012: Oh, we heart the melodrama. Carina Finn talks about this inclination–and her book, My Life Is a Movie–with Lisa Marie Basile at TheThePoetry. A snippet, or snifter, whatever they call it: [...] by