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Chapbooks Host Poetic Engagements with Visual Culture May 20, 2016: At Entropy, Toby Altman reviews four poetry chapbooks that foreground visual elements: I Hate Telling You How I Really Feel, by Nikki Wallschlaeger, Mike Lala’s In the Gun Cabinet, The Book of [...] by

Carrie Lorig’s Expertise Is a Natural One April 26, 2016: The review we’re poring over today: Leora Fridman on Carrie Lorig’s The Pulp vs. the Throne (Artifice Books, 2015) at Jacket2. “Lorig’s is a wide-reaching grasp of a book that [...] by

Three New Chapbook Reviews at Entropy March 17, 2016: Toby Altman writes for Entropy about new and forthcoming chapbooks, as part of a series called Transitory Poetics. On the deck today are three from New York/Chicago small press Projective Industries: [...] by

Young Poets Bare All: What Is a Culture? August 28, 2015: Don’t swear so much. Aren’t we decorous? What Is a culture? It’s an enormous detailed lie lived in, wrought beliefs, A loving fabrication. What’s good about it? Nothing. It [...] by

At ENTROPY, John Rufo Surveys The Pulp Vs. The Throne by Carrie Lorig August 6, 2015: Although Carrie Lorig’s collection, The Pulp Vs. The Throne, sounds like it comes with a sci-fi twist, the result is frighteningly more realistic than that. John Rufo writes: “Though the [...] by

Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Six April 30, 2015: I became the corpse, because—and then, it floats away again. —Alice Notley, In the Pines recall, translucent and disposable, the remaining corpses. —Roberto Tejada, Lost Continent And one day [...] by

The Gigantic Heart of BIRDS LLC April 2, 2013: When you get a small press that does such gorgeous and professional work, and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice a moment of heart in the process, you get a something like Birds LLC. They’re like [...] by