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The Believer Logger Spends Time with Cassandra Troyan October 15, 2015: For Believer’s series, “Go Forth,” Brandon Hobson checks in with Cassandra Troyan. Their conversation explores narrative, feminism, and Troyan’s current projects. More: [...] by

Necessary Reading: Amy Berkowitz & Cassandra Troyan on the Curative Power of Talk September 25, 2015: At The New Inquiry, Cassandra Troyan talks to Amy Berkowitz about her new book, Tender Points (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015); the gendered body as a site of struggle; pain–specifically the [...] by

Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Six April 30, 2015: I became the corpse, because—and then, it floats away again. —Alice Notley, In the Pines recall, translucent and disposable, the remaining corpses. —Roberto Tejada, Lost Continent And one day [...] by

Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Three April 14, 2015: Three springs ago, I taught a class on documentary poetics. It met in the library of a literary/arts organization near downtown Tucson, Arizona. At the first meeting I showed Stan Brakhage’s The [...] by

Thom Donovan Talks to Cassandra Troyan for The New Inquiry March 30, 2015: Thom Donovan interviewed Cassandra Troyan about her work’s relationship to violence, post-sovereignty, and masochism–and it’s all at The New Inquiry. “What does the masochist [...] by

Field Report From Field Report: Robin Tremblay-McGaw on Bay Area Event With De’Ath, Tamayo & Troyan March 23, 2015: Robin Tremblay-McGaw continues her turn as the best field reporter in the Bay Area, with this blog post on X Poetics about the March 1 meeting of feminist minds, co-sponsored by Small Press Traffic [...] by

Realms Yet to Come: Two Questions for Cassandra Troyan February 17, 2015: Christopher Higgs asks writer, artist, poet, and filmmaker Cassandra Troyan TWO questions for Entropy. “These questions arise from my particular approach to reading and critical analysis, which [...] by

MCA Chicago’s Word Weekend and Harriet Present a Performance by Cassandra Troyan and Johannes Göransson July 22, 2014: Hey Chicago, what are you doing this weekend? Of course you’re stopping by the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Word Weekend. In case you haven’t heard what it’s about, it’s [...] by

Cassandra Troyan and Ben Hollander on Poet as Radio February 10, 2014: Tune in all poets (and non-poet poetry readers)! Poet as Radio presents new work by the inimitable Cassandra Troyan from her forthcoming book BLACKEN ME BLACKEN ME, GROWLED (Tiny Hardcore Press, [...] by

The Collagist Reviews Cassandra Troyan’s Throne of Blood July 15, 2013: Cassandra Troyan’s Throne of Blood messes with genre, and likewise, Christopher Higgs’s review at the Collagist gets downright messy with the book (in the most wonderful and praising way [...] by