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Notes from an ‘Expendable America’ November 22, 2016: A woman hangs wet laundry to dry on a bitterly cold day, a dog looks off into the distance, and like many of us, Charles Simic has a sinking feeling that something is not quite right: “The Ship [...] by

Charles Simic Reviews Jana Prikryl’s Poetry Debut, The After Party August 5, 2016: At the New York Review of Books Charles Simic praises Jana Prikryl’s literary debut, The After Party: “Reading some of her poems is like walking into a movie theater in the middle of a [...] by

New York Times ‘Sunday Book Review’ Reads Recent Prose on Poetry September 8, 2015: It’s hard to keep track of all the recently published books of writing about poetry. Thankfully, there’s the Times’s “Sunday Book Review” correspondent, Joel Brouwer, [...] by

Black Sparrow Publishes a Complete Edition of Charles Reznikoff’s Testimony August 27, 2015: Charles Simic alerts New York Review of Books readers to a complete edition of Charles Reznikoff’s classic, industrial-age epic (or “anti-epic,” as Simic writes) Testimony, newly [...] by

The Effable & Ineffable Meet in the Work of Charles Simic June 11, 2015: At Los Angeles Book Review, Sven Birkerts writes about Charles Simic’s new book of prose, The Life of Images: Selected Prose, and a concurrently published new collection of poems, The Lunatic [...] by

Charles Simic Remembers the Salad Days With Mark Strand January 27, 2015: Wow: Charles Simic writes about Mark Strand for the New York Review of Books blog. Strand, who died in November, was one of Simic’s oldest friends: “Having known him for forty-six years, [...] by

A Soccer Addict’s Dream Weekend with Charles Simic July 3, 2014: Tomorrow is the big day. We have France v. Germany followed by Brazil v. Colombia—does life get any better than this? Not if you’re a bona fide soccer fanatic like Charles Simic. You can read [...] by

Charles Simic Remembers Bill Knott and Russell Edson at NYRB May 29, 2014: At New York Review of Books, Charles Simic remembers two writers who we lost this year: Bill Knott and Russell Edson. Two poets, Russell Edson (1935–2014) and Bill Knott (1940–2014), both of whom [...] by

Poetry et Le E-book Revolution May 22, 2013: ‘Tis happening, friends! Not only are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books available in electronic formats—but now—your favorite books of poetry are rapidly becoming available in [...] by

Follow These Weird Tweets! May 10, 2013: NYU Local lists its favorite “weird tweets” by NYU creative writing professors and wouldn’t you know it: A few of our faves are Harriet regulars. Yes, “The Weirdest Tweets [...] by