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At The New Inquiry, Chris Chen Interviews Wendy Trevino April 11, 2017: Poets Wendy Trevino and Chris Chen talk at The New Inquiry about Trevino’s Commune Editions chapbook, Brazilian Is Not a Race, which “excavates a history of racial violence at the borders [...] by

Responding to ‘What Is Literary Activism?’ August 21, 2015: [Editor’s Note: As a response to Amy King’s recent post “What Is Literary Activism?,” Wendy Trevino, Juliana Spahr, Tim Kreiner, Joshua Clover, Chris Chen, and Jasper Bernes [...] by

Poetry Is Not the Final Girl: Chris Chen April 28, 2015: I haven’t known Chris Chen for very long but something that I like to say about him is that he’s a ringer. Well, ok. So I don’t mean that Chris is very tall, or big, or that [...] by

Voicemail from a Revolutionary Weekend October 11, 2013: This just in! The participants of this weekend’s Revolution and/or Poetry Conference have started posting documents from this weekend onto the conference’s official homepage. There, [...] by

Poetry And/Or Revolution Conference to Be Held Oct. 3-5 in the Bay Area August 26, 2013: Oh, to be in the Bay Area this October. Announcing the “Poetry And/Or Revolution” conference, taking place Oct. 3-5, 2013. This year’s event is an extension of sorts of this [...] by