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Stephen Burt Looks at the Poetics of Fatherhood June 22, 2016: At Boston Review, Stephen Burt considers poetry in the space of fatherhood. “The poetry of fatherhood is not so new, in part because more men have been able to publish,” writes Burt. [...] by

See You in the Emergency Room, Part Two May 1, 2014: Continued from Part 1. Hobbling through Tompkins Square Park on a fine summer afternoon, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Karen Weiser. My crutches kicked off a conversation about the months [...] by

Wild!: Chris Martin to Teach Animal Poetry Workshop at The Loft Literary Center (MN) October 21, 2013: Chris Martin, author of American Music and Becoming Weather, will teach a workshop on Animal Kind: Wild Poetry at The Loft Literary Center, located in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, from January 28 [...] by

An Eclogue with a Chatbot at Flying Object October 24, 2012: Flying Object’s gotten all chatty with Chris Martin in a new series: Each day for a month, one poem is published from a serial work called CHAT, which Martin co-wrote with a chatbot. To put it [...] by

Danny’s Reading Series this Wednesday June 11, 2012: Last week we were stoked about Ron Silliman posting readings from the Cy Press reading series. Now, for those of you hanging around Chicago this Wednesday evening, head over to Danny’s to check [...] by

Chris Martin on Weather Artists and Veer Seers June 6, 2011: Coldfront’s Ken Walker interviews Chris Martin today about Martin’s new book Becoming Weather (Coffee House Press 2011) and, well, becoming weather. Walker notes that readers “are [...] by

ON Contemporary Practice Volume 2 February 9, 2010: For anyone out in the Bay Area tomorrow night, coeditors Michael Cross and Kyle Schlesinger, and a critical mass of Bay Area contributors will launch ON Contemporary Practice 2 at Moe’s Books in [...] by