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Memory as a Form of Diving: Claire Donato on Joanna Newsom February 21, 2017: Poet Claire Donato takes to music criticism swimmingly, writing at The Fanzine about Joanne Newsom’s fourth album, Divers (Drag City, 2015), which “crystallizes toward the end of her [...] by

At PSA: Claire Donato Meditates on Her Second Book, The Second Body March 18, 2016: Claire Donato is featured this week for PSA’s “In Their Own Words”! Donato–whose second collection of poetry, The Second Body, is now out from Poor Claudia–penned an [...] by

Claire Donato’s Burial, Fawned Over Even August 21, 2015: Claire Donato’s book, Burial (Tarpaulin Sky, 2013), is reviewed at Queen Mob’s Teahouse. Judson Hamilton gives us a list. Number one? “The time that must have gone into sculpting [...] by

Funny Boy Sings Heavy Metal for Joyelle McSweeney +++ at HTMLGIANT July 19, 2013: Video killed the review star or like, something, the bodybuilding routine of Melvin Antony (said Acker: “…the part of the ‘I’ that bodybuilds…was rejecting [...] by

It’s A Vice, Vice Summer: Vice Magazine’s Summer Reading Lists June 14, 2013: At Vice, Blake Butler has curated an array of summer reading lists from fiction writers and poets called “What Are These Freaks Reading?” Scope it out! It includes a set of summer reads [...] by