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Jen Hyde Reads Jennifer Nelson’s Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife May 23, 2017: At Coldfront, Jen Hyde introduces the online periodical’s readers to Jennifer Nelson’s 2015 Ugly Duckling collection, Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife. Hyde writes, “in many [...] by

Morgan Parker Is in the Spotlight at Coldfront January 22, 2016: Coldfront’s Peter Longofono checks in with Morgan Parker, Pushcart Prize winner, Cave Canem fellow, and author of Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night. Morgan Parker has made a [...] by

Craig Saper Bequests History of Concrete Poetry to Coldfront October 28, 2015: There’s never been a better time to brush up on your concrete poetry know-how than right now, as Coldfront is featuring quite prominently a history of concrete poetry in America by Craig Saper. [...] by

Entropy Lists Top 93 Poetry Books in Translation of 2014 January 27, 2015: Entropy has listed the top 93 poetry books in translation from 2014, referring to Coldfront’s 2014 best-ofs, writing: “Since Coldfront didn’t mention any books of poetry not originally [...] by

Ali Power Remembers Paul Violi for Coldfront November 10, 2014: At Coldfront, poet and editor Ali Power contributes her remembrance to an ongoing, multi-part feature on the life and work of New York School poet Paul Violi, who died in 2011 (and with whom Power [...] by

Coldfront Considers A Progressive Education September 23, 2014: At Coldfront, Eric Dean Wilson reviews Richard Howard’s newest collection of poems: A Progressive Education. Fans of the “School Days” sequence in Richard Howard’s 2008 National Book [...] by

Confessionalism & Feminism at Coldfront September 15, 2014: Coldfront has an up essay today about Confessionalist writing rendered in feminism, beginning with Adrienne Rich for whom: “…the traditional domestic goals of a woman’s life conflicted [...] by

First of Three-Part Interview With Bernadette Mayer Is at Coldfront March 27, 2014: At Coldfront, Stephanie Anderson interviews Bernadette Mayer! Part one of three installments is up today. “Throughout Anderson’s interview she discusses Mayer’s involvement with small press [...] by

Danielle Pafunda’s Natural History Rape Museum March 21, 2014: At Coldfront, a natural pairing: Timothy Liu reviews Danielle Pafunda’s Natural History Rape Museum (Bloof Books 2013). Liu writes: “[N]o other book I know has so thoroughly shaken the [...] by

Part II: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson March 11, 2014: As promised last week, Part II of Andrea Rexilius’s essay on Laura (Riding) Jackson and the self is here at last, brought to you by Coldfront. Laura (Riding) Jackson’s most narrative poems, [...] by