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Poetry Serves Itself: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson February 27, 2014: We were wondering when another great read about Laura (Riding) Jackson would come along. Just our luck, today at Coldfront is Andrea Rexilius’s “Against the Commodity of the Poem (part [...] by

Speaking Necrotics: A Review of Anselm Berrigan & Jonathan Allen’s Loading February 10, 2014: At Coldfront, Virginia Konchan reviews Loading (Brooklyn Arts Press 2013), Anselm Berrigan’s collaborative book with artist Jonathan Allen. “Anselm Berrigan treats postmodern ennui and [...] by

Join Coldfront and Hatchet Job on Jan. 9 to Celebrate a Successful 2013 January 2, 2014: As of this moment, Coldfront Magazine has pushed over its $5,000 goal, with 10 days left in their Kickstarter campaign to redesign the magazine. Congrats! Funds raised will go toward “more [...] by

A Well-Meant Complement: Timothy Liu on the Fine Art of Blurbing December 3, 2013: Is it time for the new critical genre of blurb review? Timothy Liu takes stock at Coldfront: Shall we talk about blurbs? Is it crass to critique a well-meant compliment? Perhaps. But a corrective may [...] by

This Essay About Erik Satie & My Dinner With Andre Is Really About Money November 14, 2013: But what isn’t? Gold? All right. Andy Mister wrote about Erik Satie, My Dinner with Andre, Dead C, and Han-Joachim Roedelius for Coldfront’s Poets Off Poetry series: At the beginning of [...] by

Winners of The Bachelorette Publish Book of Poetry August 30, 2013: Coldfront reports that the winner of The Bachelorette (that’s on TV) has published a book of poems! Will wonders never. More: Chris Siegfried, winner of the 2013 season of The Bachelorette, has [...] by

A Perfect Misunderstanding: On Sampson Starkweather’s First Four Books August 20, 2013: Coldfront writer Mark Gurarie reviews The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (Birds LLC 2013), by, well, Sampson Starkweather. The book has already gotten plump backing (ow) from HTMLGIANT and [...] by

Patricia Lockwood ‘Rape Joke’ Poem Is World-Famous July 29, 2013: Patricia Lockwood’s new poem, “Rape Joke,” was published last week at The Awl, and was all over the internets in the hours following, i.e., it’s gone viral, says Coldfront. [...] by

Laura Sims Reviews Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior July 24, 2013: Seems like one our favorite objectivists has been on the minds of poets a plenty! Laura Sims reviews Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior (Wave Books 2013) for Coldfront! She gives it a million [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Bright Brave Phenomena: Amanda Nadelberg June 13, 2013: Amanda Nadelberg, author of Bright Brave Phenomena (Coffeehouse Press, 2012) is in the spotlight at Coldfront, fielding questions about process, inspiration, and bravery from Coldfront’s-own, [...] by