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Speaking Necrotics: A Review of Anselm Berrigan & Jonathan Allen’s Loading February 10, 2014: At Coldfront, Virginia Konchan reviews Loading (Brooklyn Arts Press 2013), Anselm Berrigan’s collaborative book with artist Jonathan Allen. “Anselm Berrigan treats postmodern ennui and [...] by

Join Coldfront and Hatchet Job on Jan. 9 to Celebrate a Successful 2013 January 2, 2014: As of this moment, Coldfront Magazine has pushed over its $5,000 goal, with 10 days left in their Kickstarter campaign to redesign the magazine. Congrats! Funds raised will go toward “more [...] by

A Well-Meant Complement: Timothy Liu on the Fine Art of Blurbing December 3, 2013: Is it time for the new critical genre of blurb review? Timothy Liu takes stock at Coldfront: Shall we talk about blurbs? Is it crass to critique a well-meant compliment? Perhaps. But a corrective may [...] by

This Essay About Erik Satie & My Dinner With Andre Is Really About Money November 14, 2013: But what isn’t? Gold? All right. Andy Mister wrote about Erik Satie, My Dinner with Andre, Dead C, and Han-Joachim Roedelius for Coldfront’s Poets Off Poetry series: At the beginning of [...] by

Winners of The Bachelorette Publish Book of Poetry August 30, 2013: Coldfront reports that the winner of The Bachelorette (that’s on TV) has published a book of poems! Will wonders never. More: Chris Siegfried, winner of the 2013 season of The Bachelorette, has [...] by

A Perfect Misunderstanding: On Sampson Starkweather’s First Four Books August 20, 2013: Coldfront writer Mark Gurarie reviews The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (Birds LLC 2013), by, well, Sampson Starkweather. The book has already gotten plump backing (ow) from HTMLGIANT and [...] by

Patricia Lockwood ‘Rape Joke’ Poem Is World-Famous July 29, 2013: Patricia Lockwood’s new poem, “Rape Joke,” was published last week at The Awl, and was all over the internets in the hours following, i.e., it’s gone viral, says Coldfront. [...] by

Laura Sims Reviews Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior July 24, 2013: Seems like one our favorite objectivists has been on the minds of poets a plenty! Laura Sims reviews Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior (Wave Books 2013) for Coldfront! She gives it a million [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Bright Brave Phenomena: Amanda Nadelberg June 13, 2013: Amanda Nadelberg, author of Bright Brave Phenomena (Coffeehouse Press, 2012) is in the spotlight at Coldfront, fielding questions about process, inspiration, and bravery from Coldfront’s-own, [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Becca Klaver on ‘LA and Real Magic’ February 7, 2013: In a two-part interview at Coldfront Magazine, Becca Klaver talks about her book, LA Liminal as well as her editorial work. We love that interviewer Eva Heisler begins the dialog by asking Klaver [...] by