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At The New Inquiry, Chris Chen Interviews Wendy Trevino April 11, 2017: Poets Wendy Trevino and Chris Chen talk at The New Inquiry about Trevino’s Commune Editions chapbook, Brazilian Is Not a Race, which “excavates a history of racial violence at the borders [...] by

Jameson Fitzpatrick Reviews Cheena Marie Lo’s A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters May 24, 2016: Jameson Fitzpatrick writes about Cheena Marie Lo’s A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters (Commune Editions 2016) for Lambda Literary. “In Cheena Marie Lo’s debut collection, the poet finds [...] by

Cole Heinowitz Discusses New Translation of Mario Santiago Papasquiaro March 30, 2016: Paul Murufas interviews Cole Heinowitz about translating Mario Santiago Papasquiaro! Commune Editions has released a new collection of Mario Santiago’s poetry, Beauty is Our Spirtual Guernica [...] by

An Interview With Juliana Spahr About That Winter the Wolf Came December 14, 2015: It’s just a Juliana Spahr type of day. At Entropy, an interview with the poet about her newest book, That Winter the Wolf Came (Commune Editions, 2015), “written for this era of global [...] by

Juliana Spahr’s That Winter the Wolf Came Featured at The New York Times Sunday Book Review August 28, 2015: The New York Times’s Stephen Burt reviews Juliana Spahr’s newest collection That Winter the Wolf Came, published by Commune Editions. Burt, poet and Professor of English at Harvard [...] by

At LARB: We Are Nothing and So Can You by Jasper Bernes August 26, 2015: Jasper Bernes’s We Are Nothing and So Can You (Commune Editions 2015) is reviewed at Los Angeles Review of Books. Zac Gunter writes that the book “exemplifies the aesthetics of uprising, [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan Reviews Joshua Clover’s Red Epic July 15, 2015: At Your Impossible Voice, Patrick James Dunagan provides insight into Joshua Clover’s most recent collection of poems, Red Epic. The collection is published by Commune Editions: a new [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 6 April 27, 2015: Chris Marker’s Le fond de l’air est rouge eulogizes and elegizes the end of the 1960s and ventures into the early seventies. A play on the stock phrase le fond de l’air est frais, or the air is [...] by

‘Poetic Kitsch Becomes a Dynamic Tool of Gothic Marxism’: Daniel Tiffany on Class in Avant-Garde Poetics July 15, 2014: Boston Review is making space to discuss class–in their words: “To confront, reinvigorate, and complicate the conversation about class in contemporary poetics, we are launching a poetry [...] by

on the small press, part three: ‘the writers who we have heard at some grimy event’ April 23, 2014: The third in a series of posts featuring editors and publishers discussing their projects. Today: Mess Editions and Chris Fritton. Mess Editions is Andrea Abi-Karam, Paul Murufas, Wendy Trevino, Lara [...] by