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New Poems from Marcel Proust, D. H. Lawrence & F. Scott Fitzgerald March 27, 2013: Lots of new poetry arrivals from old prose hats today: Jacket Copy notes that a lot of handwritten poems by F. Scott Fitzgerald are to be auctioned, including one for actress Helen Hayes’s [...] by

D.H. Lawrence’s Uncensored War Poems March 25, 2013: Over the weekend the Guardian reported on a sequence of war poems by D.H. Lawrence that were hacked away at by the censor’s pen and rendered “virtually meaningless.” Now, those [...] by

The Paris Review on D.H. Lawrence’s “Pomegranates” July 12, 2012: D.H. Lawrence is better known for his novels, but his poems have a special fierceness about them. As part of their “The Poem Stuck In My Head” series, The Paris Review posted a brief [...] by

Don’t Wax the Poem April 1, 2010: Nerdiness is flashing a full frontal when you haven’t waxed and aren’t really an exhibitionist. by