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Poems as Animals: A Ted Hughes Bestiary August 2, 2016: David Biespiel looks at A Ted Hughes Bestiary, edited by Alice Oswald, for Bookforum. Each creature in this compendium of animals real and invented by Hughes is “as parlor-esque as they are [...] by

A Peculiar Crossover: Iris DeMent Sets 18 Anna Akhmatova Poems to Music, With Surprising Results March 3, 2016: How might American singer-songwriter Iris DeMent and the “Soviet doyen of reverie and suffering” Anna Akhmatova come together? At Bookforum, David Biespiel reminds us that in [...] by

1968: Poetry’s Year of Years February 22, 2013: Amazing piece at The Rumpus by David Biespiel that tracks poetry through the years, marking it politically. The comments stream is a parlor game in which Biespiel invites you to “name your Year [...] by

Lyric Poetry is the Imprint of the Poet’s Mind December 11, 2012: David Biespiel, in this week’s Poetry Wire, is taking on lyric poetry. He offers up ten observations, and then asks for yours, dear reader, in the comments section. ‘ A Sample: I know, [...] by

Poetry as Nasty as Nunchucks November 29, 2012: That’s what David Biespiel is looking for over at The Rumpus. And he travels there by way of the Poets & Writers Tumblr page. For reals—check it out: Who isn’t a devotee of advice from [...] by

Poetry Education or Educating the Poet October 23, 2012: Over at the Rumpus, David Biespiel is being inundated. “All of a sudden my inbox is filling up with links from friends to two essays related to poetry that have almost everything and nothing in [...] by

David Biespiel Loves on Paris Review app, Recommends it Over MFA October 12, 2012: Here’s David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire for The Rumpus, in which he praises the Paris Review app and suggests it is better than getting an MFA. A sample: Released just the other day, the new [...] by