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Dennis Cooper’s Favorite Everything of 2016 Concludes With Visionary Kenward Elmslie December 20, 2016: As many artistic-minded folks tend to agree, the best year-end list of best things is Dennis Cooper’s “Mine for yours: My favorite fiction, poetry, nonfiction, film, music, art & [...] by

Victory Is Dennis Cooper’s August 29, 2016: Though you may not see the link to Dennis Cooper’s blog revived just yet, Cooper announced on Facebook that his “Google-related nightmare is over.” The Google gods have given back [...] by

Roxane Gay on Google’s ‘Deafening and Disturbing’ Silence Around Their Deletion of Dennis Cooper’s Blog August 1, 2016: Roxane Gay throws her two cents to the New York Times about the case of the missing Dennis Cooper blog. “I never know what to expect when I read it, but I always know I will be provoked, [...] by

Dennis Cooper in Conversation With Andrew Durbin on Google’s Censorship at FRIEZE July 22, 2016: Dennis Cooper’s blog DC’s has been an essential resource for writers of all genres; after fourteen years, Google deactivated DC’s without explanation. At Frieze, Dennis Cooper [...] by

Where Did Dennis Cooper’s Blog Go? July 13, 2016: In very bizarre and worrisome news: Google has mysteriously deleted Dennis Cooper’s blog. Well-known for his voracious reading, and a fan of some of the strangest poetry out there, Cooper has [...] by

The Poetry of Donald Britton at Lambda Literary May 25, 2016: We’d be remiss not to have made mention of Christopher Bram’s wonderful conversation with Philip Clark, which centers on the poetry of the late Donald Britton. In the Empire of the Air, a [...] by

At Cuneiform Press, Joe Brainard and Tim Dlugos in Conversation August 19, 2015: Joe Brainard has been on our mind recently, ever since we sent these dazzling poems live in our archive. But really dear reader when is Joe Brainard NOT on your mind? Satisfy your Brainard craving [...] by

The ‘Mess and Message’ of Ted Berrigan January 28, 2015: Today on Dennis Cooper’s blog “DC’s Spotlight,” Cooper provides a long quote from Reva Wolf concerning Mr. Ted Berrigan. The quote remarks on The Selected Poems of Ted [...] by

Rounding Up the Best of the Best of 2014 December 19, 2014: The recommendations are flowing like sand in soapy hourglasses. Lists of best-of-2014 publications are everywhere. Here are some. Some! How could we possibly keep track? These are in not much of a [...] by

Dennis Cooper Hearts Renee Gladman & the Blur of Genre November 22, 2013: Once you get past the adults-only warning, you’ll find that Dennis Cooper has presented the work of Renee Gladman, in addition to writers Eugene Lim and Heiko Julien. Helpfully quoting Gladman [...] by