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Cornelia Barber: ‘Girls stealing is inevitably a stealing back’ March 10, 2017: Holy smokes: Cornelia Barber’s new essay on Fanzine writes across “bad” writing, focusing on the work of Jasmine Gibson, Diana Hamilton, Jennifer Tamayo, Dolores Dorantes, and Jen [...] by

A Range of Thinking on the Illegible in Issue 6 of Amodern July 18, 2016: We expect you’ll be pleased to know that Amodern 6: Reading the Illegible, guest edited by Nick Thurston, is out. The most poet-inclined of the peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journals out [...] by

‘Dear Poetry’: Submit Request for Poetry Advice June 3, 2016: We are delighted to announce that Diana Hamilton is Harriet’s featured blogger for the month of June! In advance of Hamilton’s first post (keep your eyes here on Monday), we’d like [...] by

Gauss PDF Announces 200th Release: Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford’s Video Game ‘Diana Hamilton’s Dreams’ February 24, 2016: The video game, created by poet Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, allows readers/players to wander a nocturnal dreamscape formed out of recordings of the poet Diana Hamilton recollecting her dreams. [...] by

Diana Hamilton’s Universe Reviewed at New Pages March 13, 2015: At New Pages, Ryo Yamaguchi looks at Diana Hamilton’s new chapbook, Universe (Ugly Duckling Presse 2015). “Diana Hamilton’s Universe is one of the tightest projects I’ve ever [...] by

The Poetry Project Announces Emerge-Surface-Be Fellows for 2014-2015! October 15, 2014: The Poetry Project’s second round of coveted “Emerge-Surface-Be” mentor fellowships has been announced! (We were happy to help ya apply last year, and also featured an Open Door piece with [...] by

THERE WILL BE SELTZER: Diana Hamilton Defines Poetry September 18, 2014: Make sure you get to this interview with Diana Hamilton at the Ugly Duckling Presse Tumblr. “Someone said that poetry was a little hedgehog that you nuzzle against your heart. Put that little [...] by

Formally Attributed Generic Feelings: Diana Hamilton’s Great Review of Rob Fitterman’s Borrowing of James Schuyler . . . August 28, 2014: Diana Hamilton reviews Rob Fitterman’s newest book, No, Wait. Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself. (Ugly Duckling Presse 2014) for Coldfront! This is a book the protagonist of which, as UDP tells [...] by

Responses & [Non]Non-Comforts Re: the ConPo / Affect Debate July 31, 2013: For those of you desiring to keep up with the most recent incarnation of debate/discussion around Conceptual writing–started anew with Cal Bedient’s piece on affect at the Boston Review, [...] by

What Was Flarf?: Jordan Davis Reviews Diana Hamilton’s Okay, Okay March 26, 2013: Most poets need an income. Some of us teach or are freelance copywriters. Some of us work for nonprofits or consulting companies. Most of us, at some point, have worked in a cubicle, and all of us [...] by