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  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    An interview with Douglas Kearney is in the new issue of LSU's online literary journal, NDR, conducted by ava hoffman. Regarding the Italian Futurists, hoffman asks: "How do you deploy or...

    Douglas Kearney, buck studies, cover
  • Featured Blogger
    By Dawn Lundy Martin

    The first poem I wrote that let me know that I might be a poet took up the story of Yusef Hawkins, the black teenager who was murdered by a...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    The Fall 2017 issue of Sink Review abounds with good reads, and among them is Steven Perez's review of Douglas Kearney's Buck Studies (Fence, 2016). "Buck Studies is another reminder of how [the genres...

    Douglas Kearney
  • Open Door
    By Kazim Ali

    Rupi Kaur isn’t just Instagram-famous, she’s famous-famous. Apparently outselling Homer, this young woman of color from the suburbs of Toronto has become a global phenomenon in two short years. Like...

    Rupi Kaur, sun-and-flowers, cover
  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Tripwire 13: Dialogues is a must-read this week, and hey, even after that! We're currently enthralled by Saretta Morgan's review of Douglas Kearney's Buck Studies, but there's much more, including Thom Donovan...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Urayoán Noel

    Every once in a while I’ll hear a Latinx poet on social media describe getting published in Poetry as a dream come true. Invariably I’ll roll my inner eye. Sure,...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Caitie Moore

    Notes for national corpse month, continued: Each of these texts, each of these interventions—these questions, confessions, recoveries, propositions—are taking place in rooms. At least, that is where they are beginning. Like...

  • From Poetry Magazine
    By Lindsay Garbutt

    Photograph by zkonqü It may be eighteen months later, but we're still thinking about "Freedom of Shadow: A Tribute to Terry Adkins," an oratorio for solo voice and electronics that was...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

    JUDITH AND HOLOFERNES, 2012, Kehinde Wiley ( “I ask you, O! Americans!” David Walker calls to his audience in his 1829 Appeal in Four Articles; Together with a Preamble to...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    One week from today we kick off National Poetry Month with our annual blogging extravaganza. We know, dear reader, you've been waiting all year to see who the 20 poets...

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