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Oh, Evolve?! Electronic Publication Ferries Poetry into the Future with John Ashbery September 15, 2014: Whatever you do, don’t look back! Poetry has been slow to the e-book boom, and for good reason. When John Ashbery looked at the first four electronic editions of his poetry he observed that [...] by

Hey Buddy: Read the Fine Print August 14, 2014: This just in from Galley Cat: readers comprehend more when they read books on paper, than they do when they read books in digital formats. Galley Cat’s well-read conclusions are from a study by [...] by

To Print or Not to Print? December 19, 2013: Are digital publications running like bandits to the fledging world of print culture? At Jacket Copy, Matt Pearce surveys the scene. “What do journalists, CEOs and senior citizens have in [...] by

What Do Ancient Book-Makers, 2 Pixar Alums, and E-Book Publishing Have in Common? December 12, 2013: Vellum! That’s right poetry peeps, there’s a new game in town. Pixar Alums Brad West and Brad Andalman have teamed up to launch (like, today!) a new, Macintosh-based App to help authors [...] by

Vive Le Booktrack September 12, 2013: Speaking of e-books… this just in from Mashable: If you listen to music while you read, chances are the sounds and words don’t match up. But what if you could use one to augment the [...] by

Poetry et Le E-book Revolution May 22, 2013: ‘Tis happening, friends! Not only are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books available in electronic formats—but now—your favorite books of poetry are rapidly becoming available in [...] by

All for the Nookie? May 10, 2013: In tech-related poetry news, Microsoft appears to be offering to purchase the digital assets of Nook Media LLC: that’s the tablet-size e-book reader championed by Barnes & Noble. If [...] by

Poetry & E-Readers March 21, 2013: Poetry isn’t afraid of new technology, but we’ve all experienced the frustration of typing or pasting a poem into a Facebook thread or a Tumblr post only to find that the line breaks and [...] by

The state of digital poetry publishing March 29, 2011: In Publishers Weekly, Craig Morgan Teicher reviews the current landscape of e-books for publishers of poetry. There’s a heavy emphasis on “current” because the struggle for a [...] by

What would letterpress for the iPad do for fine publishers? March 6, 2011: In The Faster Times, Andrew Gorin introduces LetterMpress, the letterpress app for the iPad created by graphic designer John Bonadies. Letterpress is a favorite format for publishers of fine poetry [...] by