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Aborted Nurses: A Geopoetics, for Mother’s Day (and the formula babies) May 10, 2016: There are two human figures amidst the mayhem in Cathy Wilkes’s I Give You All My Money, a centrifugal 2008 installation reconstructed for various locations over time, which I lived with, or rather [...] by

Agoras February 20, 2014: [Note: From time to time Poetry features online exclusives from contributors. This installment comes from John Kinsella, who wrote about Jam Tree Gully in “Vermin: A Notebook” in December 2009. [...] by

Evelyn Reilly on ‘Environmental Dreamscapes and Ecopoetic Grief’ at Omniverse June 4, 2013: This week’s Omniverse reprints a lengthened version of Evelyn Reilly’s talk entitled “Environmental Dreamscapes and Ecopoetic Grief,” which she presented at the 2013 U.C. Berkeley [...] by

Download Rob Halpern’s Paper from Berkeley Conference of EcoPoetics, Thanks to the Disinhibitor March 11, 2013: Over the past few days The Disinhibitor, Michael Cross has been writing up the recent Conference on EcoPoetics at Berkeley, and today he’s done us the favor of posting a full PDF of Rob [...] by

Reports & Reflections on the Ecopoetics Conference February 28, 2013: We really, really really wanted to attend the Ecopoetics Conference last weekend in Berkeley. Alas, we did not. Happily, though, reports and write-ups from various events are already being posted. [...] by

Marcella Durand named fellow June 25, 2010: Durand will be a 2010-2011 fellow at Penn’s Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing. At Penn, Durand will teach a Spring 2011 undergraduate seminar, “Poetry & Poetics: The Ecology of [...] by