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T H E D I S T A N C E S and / or C I T I E S (4) April 13, 2015: In my own reading and writing cosmology Alice Notley looms large. I playfully think of her and Joanne Kyger as two big witches of poetryworld, alternating the realms of light & dark between each [...] by

A Look into the Letters of Baraka & Dorn and Robert Creeley October 17, 2014: Not to be missed, though we almost did miss this one, is Alan Gilbert’s review of two books of collected/selected letters: Amiri Baraka and Edward Dorn: The Collected Letters and The Selected [...] by

When The Seventh Seal Crosses Blazing Saddles You Get Ed Dorn’s Abilene! Abilene! May 13, 2014: We’ve been jazzed about the forthcoming fourth iteration of the Lost & Found document initiative, which includes work by Adrienne Rich, Ed Dorn, Helene Johnson, Vincent Ferrini, and the [...] by

Stars, Poetry—Part I: Aries, Taurus, Gemini May 12, 2014: I approach the language of the stars as symbolic patterns, and use astrology and other symbolic systems as forms of advanced pattern recognition. Here is the first of four meditations where I work my [...] by

Creeley Broadside from Cuneiform Press? Yes, Please! October 25, 2013: We’ve been stoked by the Creeley / Dorn connection this month, what with the portfolio of Creeley letters in this month’s issue of Poetry. So we were thrilled to see the good folks at [...] by

It’s an Ed Dorn Book Release Party October 3, 2013: If you’re lingering about 2179 Bancroft Way in Berkeley tomorrow, it best be because you’re heading to the Ed Dorn Book Release Party. Jennifer Dorn and guests will be present to [...] by

Ed Dorn’s Collected Poems Reviewed February 1, 2013: At the Guardian, Patrick McGuinness guides us through Ed Dorn’s much anticipated and massively large (clocking in at close to a 1K page count!) Collected Poems. McGuinness fills in the [...] by

A note on San Francisco Blues April 18, 2012:   Over the course of his 1968 interview with Ted Berrigan for The Paris Review, Jack Kerouac is asked, “Why must the method for writing poetry differ from that of prose?” Kerouac responds, [...] by