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Dear Poetry: Advice on Inhuman Mechanicity and Writing with Emotions June 17, 2016: More from Dear Poetry… i find emotions a huge problem, and the idea of writing poems because they give me pleasure at odds with wanting to develop as a person-writer through poetry – should i [...] by

Ed Steck & Rob Fitterman at The Conversant May 11, 2016: At The Conversant: Ed Steck, author of Far Rainbow (Make Now Books, 2016), among other poetry–and editor of the newish poetry mag Theme Can, by the by–and Rob Fitterman, whose book [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Ed Steck April 14, 2015: All hail Ed Steck, truest geek fan of all time. And I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. I raised myself in fandom too, so I know that loving something outside of your world rabidly, be it [...] by

Steven Zultanski’s Methodical & Tender Bribery January 6, 2015: Just before the New Year, Ugly Duckling Presse published Steven Zultanski’s newest book, Bribery, an unabating narration of criminal acting and readyfound atrocity that “should be put on [...] by

Fanzine Infiltrates The Garden: Ed Steck and Paul Cunningham in Conversation August 13, 2014: Whoa, hey there buddy! Whatever you’re doing right now, stop that and read this: it’s Ed Steck and Paul Cunningham’s conversation about writing, disappearances, borders, Eden, [...] by

Poetry Operations, Black Noise and Versions of Hiatus May 4, 2014: I wanted to look at a few mostly online publishing platforms that I’ve been following for the past couple of years. I’ll be doing interviews with J. Gordon Faylor at Gauss PDF, and Holly Melgard, [...] by

Ed Steck Brings The Garden (and American Books) to NYC—Saturday! October 30, 2013: Yes, oh yes! Up-and-coming writers Ed Steck and Jeremy Hoevenaar celebrate new books this Saturday at Brooklyn’s Pierogi Gallery. That’s right, this Saturday, November 2nd, American Books [...] by

Ed Steck Will Send You a Poem Every Day July 11, 2013: It’s a great list: we’ve been on it for the past few days now. Not only do you get a poem that you may or may not have already read, that you will probably like, in your mailbox, sent by [...] by