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A Review of Edward Dorn’s Derelict Air: From Collected Out Just Made Us Weepy September 14, 2015: At The Rumpus, Patrick James Dunagan reviews Edward Dorn’s posthumous collection, Derelict Air: From Collected Out, published this summer by the UK’s terrific Enitharmon Press. [...] by

Edward Dorn Revisited at Warscapes May 21, 2014: In The Shoshoneans: The People of the Basin-Plateau, Edward Dorn documents the plight of the Shoshone people, in collaboration with photographer, Leroy Lucas, on a trip through Vietnam War-era North [...] by

By the Letter: Creeley, Eigner, Dorn, & Zukofsky October 23, 2013: The four letters by Robert Creeley in our October 2013 issue trace some of his evolving feelings toward poetry (and Poetry) over the course of the fifties and sixties. These letters to Larry Eigner, [...] by

A Review of Ed Dorn’s Collected at The World Socialist Website October 10, 2013: A supersolid review of the Collected Poems of Edward Dorn, edited by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, Justin Katko, Reitha Pattison and Kyle Waugh and published in 2012 by Carcanet, is up at The World Socialist [...] by

Coming Soon: Edward Dorn’s Collected Poems October 18, 2012: Did you hear about the forthcoming Ed Dorn Collected Poems? Edited by, and with a preface from, Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, with Justin Katko, Reitha Pattison and Kyle Waugh? AND afterwords by AMIRI BARAKA [...] by