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So Much Depends: On the Particular, the Personal, & the Political April 3, 2017: 1 Last November, on election day, on a flight from New York to Chicago, I reread William Carlos Williams’s Spring and All.  I planned to assign it for a graduate poetics seminar I was teaching in [...] by

New Bishop Biography Falls Short, Writes NYT February 2, 2017: Although the poet Elizabeth Bishop valued concise messaging, Megan Marshall’s concise new Bishop biography is unfortunately “dispiriting,” according to Dwight Garner at New York [...] by

New Elizabeth Bishop Biography Mirrors the Distance & Reserve Found in Poet’s Own Work February 1, 2017: Megan Marshall’s biography of Elizabeth Bishop “focuses more on the life than on the literature,” writes Troy Jollimore about Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast, forthcoming from [...] by

I’m Trying to Wreck Your Mind, That’s All January 16, 2017: A few people have recently suggested that I write about my poetic evolution. In a poetry community it’s funny how a few can feel like a horde, a clamoring.  “A few people read my book and said [...] by

Letters From ‘the Unexamined Deep Sea of the Culture’ December 15, 2016: The Atlantic’s Robert Fay examines the letters of three literary giants—Samuel Beckett, Saul Bellow, and Elizabeth Bishop—in order to find insight into the process of aging. He writes [...] by

Wander Where We Will, With Joshua Edwards November 3, 2016: At Tupelo Quarterly, Christopher Kempf considers Joshua Edwards’s latest collection, Castles and Islands, through the lens of travel and finds points of comparison between Edwards and the [...] by

‘Epoch in a Large File Box’: Elizabeth Bishop & Alice Methfessel’s Love Story October 28, 2016: At the New Yorker, don’t miss Megan Marshall’s astonishingly well-researched and well-told story about Elizabeth Bishop and Alice Methfessel’s life-long love story that almost [...] by

Elizabeth Bishop Among Her Peers at Boston Review August 17, 2016: Up today at Boston Review, Heather Treseler takes a look into the life and works of Elizabeth Bishop. In particular, Treseler considers Bishop’s oeuvre in light of a recently surfaced [...] by

Author Andrew Solomon’s Ten Favorite Reads Includes Elizabeth Bishop, Carl Sandburg August 8, 2016: The author and frequent New Yorker and New York Times correspondent Andrew Solomon is featured in One Grand’s column “My 10 Favorite Books” this week. His picks? Elizabeth Bishop [...] by

Hyperallergic Looks to Home with Elizabeth Bishop November 9, 2015: Over the weekend at Hyperallergic, Elisa Wouk Almino took a personal look into Barbara Hammer’s documentary Welcome to This House, about the life and various homes inhabited by Elizabeth [...] by