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Talking With Raquel Gutiérrez After the Geminid Meteor Shower April 19, 2017: Today’s featured poet for Entropy’s National Poetry Month is Tucson-based (formerly of LA) writer Raquel Gutiérrez, who also runs the small press Econo Textual Objects. Gutiérrez talks [...] by

Fraudulent Forms of Nature: A Review of Joyelle McSweeney’s The Necropastoral March 20, 2017: At Entropy, Laura Ellen Joyce reviews Joyelle McSweeney’s chapbook, The Necropastoral (Spork Press). “By revealing the necropastoral”–described by Joyce as an uncovering of [...] by

Allison Carter’s Helpful Ideas for Self-Care as We Protest February 8, 2017: Los Angeles–based poet and licensed clinical social worker Allison Carter writes about self-care in the age of protest for Entropy. “May We Be Well” is arranged in four parts: “I [...] by

A Cyclical Act: Entropy Reviews Lauren Levin’s The Braid January 27, 2017: Lauren Levin’s new book, The Braid (Krupskaya, 2016) is reviewed at Entropy. Jake Reber takes a fragmented approach, reckoning with Levin’s moving “between, through, under [...] by

Entropy Reviews Four 2015 Chapbooks From The Song Cave September 23, 2016: Entropy gives The Song Cave some love, with Toby Altman reviewing four chapbooks published in 2015 for “Transitory Poetics: September 2016.” “Edited by Alan Felsenthal and Ben [...] by

Entropy Interviews Maged Zaher About Newest Book, The Consequences of My Body May 5, 2016: At Entropy, a unique conversation with Maged Zaher, whose latest volume, The Consequences of My Body, is just out from Nightboat Books. Joe Millazo writes that “[t]he diaristic musings of The [...] by

Three New Chapbook Reviews at Entropy March 17, 2016: Toby Altman writes for Entropy about new and forthcoming chapbooks, as part of a series called Transitory Poetics. On the deck today are three from New York/Chicago small press Projective Industries: [...] by

Eric Amling Talks the Author’s Debut Collection January 20, 2016: Eric Amling’s debut book, From the Author’s Private Collection, is in the world courtesy of Birds, LLC. At Entropy he talks with Sam Riviere about his poetic practice and more. In From [...] by

Projective Industries at Entropy! August 31, 2015: The editors of Projective Industries–a great, small, “breathless” press based in Chicago and New York–are interviewed at Entropy! Stephanie Anderson, Kate McIntyre, and Karen [...] by