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RIP Emma Villazón Richter August 24, 2015: Last week we learned of the passing of Bolivian poet, critic, journalist, researcher and editor Emma Villazón Richter. Several Spanish-language news sources have already posted obituaries and [...] by

Evening Has Arrived in Affect Issue of Evening Will Come July 2, 2015: The “Affect and Poetry” issue of Evening Will Come, edited by Julie Carr and Aaron Angello, is here and well worth your reading-time. This one features essays by an incredible lot: Fred [...] by

From English to Galician & Back: Chus Pato & Erín Moure’s Translational Biopoetics March 13, 2014: At BookThug’s blog, Chus Pato and Erín Moure have a great conversation about their forthcoming title, Secession/Insecession, an “homage to the acts of reading, writing and translating [...] by

Erin Mouré on “The Tarzan Method” and Translation January 17, 2013: We’ve long been impressed with Canadian writer Erin Mouré. Not only does she write poems, she translates from multiple languages, including French, Galician, Portuguese, Spanish and probably [...] by

Now for the Visual Experience in Erín Moure’s The Unmemntioable October 16, 2012: After a strong encouraging from Ron Silliman in his Attention Span list that we read poet Erín Moure’s translations of Chus Pato, the “Galician separatist adult education teacher [...] by