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Special Issue of Evening Will Come Focuses on 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Bombings August 6, 2015: A crucial new issue of Evening Will Come is out, compiled and edited by Brandon Shimoda in remembrance of the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9). Shimoda writes in his own [...] by

Evening Has Arrived in Affect Issue of Evening Will Come July 2, 2015: The “Affect and Poetry” issue of Evening Will Come, edited by Julie Carr and Aaron Angello, is here and well worth your reading-time. This one features essays by an incredible lot: Fred [...] by

Poetry Mixtape Volume V March 26, 2015: I don’t think I’ve written any poetry since 2008 that Ally Harris hasn’t edited, annotated, crossed out, or signed-off on. We were in school together at Iowa and wound up taking the [...] by

Welcome to the Newest Issue of The Volta October 2, 2014: –also known as Evening Will Come. In this most recent issue (October 2014) Joshua Marie Wilkinson and Lily Hoang have brought together a gaggle of poets and scholars to mull the connections of [...] by

Evening Really Comes for Lara Glenum September 3, 2014: The Volta has just released their newest issue of poetry mag/one-hander Evening Will Come! That’s right, the theme this go-round is NSFW! Edited by Lara Glenum, the issue features such [...] by

Wrapping Up: Year-End Lists to Start Your 2014 Off Right at Volta December 4, 2013: Here come the first of one of our favorite genres: the year-end wrap up. The Volta presents “Best of 2013” lists from John Keene, Noah Eli Gordon, Amaranth Borsuk, Kazim Ali, Bhanu Kapil [...] by

Change to Vision: Jared Stanley’s ‘The Phoropter’ December 3, 2013: We’re into these new optics from Jared Stanley’s Evening Will Come essay (from the December issue), “The Phoropter.” Stanley’s initially referring to the optometrist [...] by

Thinking About Poetry With Others: Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Reviews Issue of Evening Will Come November 4, 2013: A new issue of Evening Will Come is up–the monthly poetics journal and arm of The Volta (Joshua Marie Wilkinson confesses his mother refers to the “online multimedia site” as [...] by

Evening Will Come: Women Looking at The Last Vispo Anthology August 5, 2013: Over at The Volta, “Evening Will Come” collects responses from women poets–including Jessica Smith, Amaranth Borsuk, and Sharon Mesmer–on visual poetry. Curated by Nico [...] by

Feminist Poetics Issue of Evening Will Come January 3, 2013: Denver poet Sara Renee Marshall has tightly edited a “Feminist Issue” of the online go-to Evening Will Come, and it features some good’uns, including “25 Tiny Essays on the [...] by