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Shelby Shaw Interviews Gramma’s Drew Scott Swenhaugen April 6, 2017: Seattle-based Gramma editor Drew Scott Swenhaugen speaks with Shelby Shaw at Fanzine about the newest Gramma ventures, which include the press’s first poetry collections, Ugly Time by Sarah [...] by

The Caring Writing of C.D. Wright March 30, 2017: The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All by C.D. Wright was published only a week after [...] by

Cornelia Barber: ‘Girls stealing is inevitably a stealing back’ March 10, 2017: Holy smokes: Cornelia Barber’s new essay on Fanzine writes across “bad” writing, focusing on the work of Jasmine Gibson, Diana Hamilton, Jennifer Tamayo, Dolores Dorantes, and Jen [...] by

Shane Anderson’s Joy Is Contagious March 3, 2017: Poet and writer Shane Anderson has penned a long lyric essay about sports–sort of–it takes its cue from the four core values of Steve Kerr, who currently serves as the head coach of the [...] by

Kevin Killian Goes to the Oscars (Sorta) February 28, 2017: Phew: Kevin Killian’s annual Oscar report is up at Fanzine! In Los Angeles for the equally stimulating LA Art Book Fair, Killian had his eyes peeled for celebrities who might stop by the fair [...] by

‘Bomb-like’: Paul Cunningham Close Reads Don Mee Choi’s Hardly War September 30, 2016: “Nothing in Hardly War is what it appears to be on the surface” Cunningham writes about Don Mee Choi’s latest collection. It’s partly a book of a father’s photographs, partly a [...] by

Robert Fitterman’s Nevermind: Offensive? Magic? August 19, 2016: More Nevermind! Robert Fitterman’s epic re-fitting (sorry) of the classic Nirvana album is reviewed by Laura Theobald at Fanzine. “[I]t seems we haven’t had our fill of [...] by

At Fanzine: Allen Mozek Talks Olson, Dilettantism, Poetry as Seduction July 27, 2016: For those of you who relish sound art (mm): At Fanzine, Garett Strickland talks to Allen Mozek, “who, in addition to recording in projects Good Area and No Intention, is also the [...] by

Kim Yideum’s Cheer Up, Femme Fatale Reviewed at Fanzine May 25, 2016: At Fanzine, Megan Milks reviews Kim Yideum’s Cheer Up, Femme Fatale (Action Books, 2016), translated from the Korean by Ji Yoon Lee, Don Mee Choi, and Johannes Göransson. “Kim is well known [...] by

Kristen Gallagher’s ‘3 Pieces That Are at Least 85% Accurate’ March 28, 2016: A little happy something left over from last week . . . here may we present “3 PIECES THAT ARE AT LEAST 85% ACCURATE,” by Kristen Gallagher, published at Fanzine. Yes we may. Or at least [...] by