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Introducing Norma Cole March 5, 2012: This month, Harriet welcomes poet, translator, and teacher Norma Cole as our latest “Craft Work” writer. Norma Cole’s recent books of poetry include Natural Light, Where Shadows Will: [...] by

On translating Apollinaire: Pilgrims of Perdition March 30, 2011: For almost a year I’ve been working on a co-translation of Apollinaire’s Alcoolswith Jennifer Pap, a close friend and a scholar of twentieth-century French poetry. Our motivations for this [...] by

The Making of This Part II March 23, 2011: (‘This’ At the Chocolate Factory) Or: on writing text for K.J. Holmes’s “This is Where we Are (or take arms against a sea of troubles)” Performed at The Chocolate Factory, L.I.C NY, [...] by

The Making of This: Part I March 15, 2011: Or: on writing text for K.J. Holmes’s “This is Where We Are (or take arms against a sea of troubles).” Performed at The Chocolate Factory, L.I.C NY, March 9-12, 2011 Performed by: Jodi Bender, [...] by

Spirit Ditties March 8, 2011: Last summer I was listening. To poets read, but not to the poems, to the things they said before, after, between, and to the introductions. I was curious about that between language: “OK, Charles, [...] by

Introducing Julie Carr March 7, 2011: This month, Harriet welcomes the poet, publisher, and teacher Julie Carr as our third “Craft Work” writer. Carr is the author of four books of poetry, Mead: An Epithalamion (UGA press), [...] by

Live chat with Douglas Kearney March 4, 2011: Please join us today at 2pm CST for a live chat with “Craft Work” writer Douglas Kearney. Craft Work with Douglas Kearney Douglas Kearney’s first full-length collection of poems, Fear, [...] by

POET February 23, 2011: 

169. Ars poetica or arsehole poetica? Subtitle: Why and how I wrote the long, obnoxious poem: “The Poet Writes the Poem That Will Certainly Make Him Famous.” But first… 170. 171. That’s [...] by

POST February 16, 2011: by

CAST February 1, 2011: 75. Clearly, if you can make yourself intangible or, contrariwise, turn your skin to metal, advancing your skill demands resources beyond what underfunded public schools can provide. Thank goodness [...] by