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‘Her insides are contacting you’: Fen Sun Chen’s New Book, The 8th House May 15, 2015: Lucky us: Feng Sun Chen’s latest book, The 8th House (Black Ocean 2015) is reviewed by J. Fossenbell for The Volta Blog. “Feng Sun Chen’s latest collection of poems traces an enclosed [...] by

THIS IS MESSY, WE’RE NOT SORRY: Elegant Mire with Carrie Lorig, v. 1 April 3, 2015: What is the idiom of friendship? How do you open yourself up to the possibility of another’s language in a way where you can let it enter your own as a generous breeding? Latching on, barnacle [...] by

Poets Should Have Lots of Feelings: Jeff Nagy Interviews Feng Sun Chen at BOMBLOG July 12, 2012: We are heartfelt and nonmortified by BOMBLOG’s edition #19 of Phoned-In, i.e., this super gchat interview between poets Jeff Nagy and Feng Sun Chen. Right off, Nagy and Chen shed a little light [...] by

“Yes, I am a female gnome and I like to squat in trees or holes”: An Interview with Feng Sun Chen March 30, 2012: Poet Feng Sun Chen took part in this interview on the University of Minnesota’s Creative Writing Program blog. Here’s a bit on influence. And gnomes. Jump on over for the rest. And you [...] by