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Picturing Yourself: Dara Wier’s Inside/Undivided Series June 22, 2015: Have you seen Dara Wier’s Inside/Undivided series? Flying Object describes it as “a series of fragments & notes about Chance, Fate, Context & Intention.” For installment [...] by

Lewis Freedman Gives Us Childe Roland December 23, 2014: Lewis Freedman is at his amazing scanning again. The Wisconsin-based poet and scholar has uploaded to Flying Object his latest “Scan by Lew”: WELCOME TO THE TWELFTH LETTER OF THE [...] by

Angel Spirit Presences Rejoice! Flying Object’s 4-Year Anniversary is Here! October 6, 2014: Almost! Almost! On October 11th Flying Object will celebrate four years of magical presence in the state of Massachusetts by hosting a benefit raffle to keep the magic object flying. Flying Object is [...] by

Open Space at Flying Object, and a Correction May 14, 2014: We were wrong! Thankfully, Ben Hollander caught a little (big?) error in our post “Open Eyes, Open Space,” wherein we said “Kyle Schlesinger just posted the complete set of Stan [...] by

Ernest M. Robson’s Phonetic-Linguistic Approach to Prosody to Produce Poems, Thanks to Lewis Freedman January 24, 2014: Lewis Freedman on what we have not forgotten, at Flying Object (or what we won’t, now, thanks to him). These “Scans by Lew” are to be an ongoing, monthly feature [...] by

Buy a Raffle Ticket to Flying Object’s Anniversary Party! October 1, 2013: The much-beloved Flying Object of Hadley, MA, is hosting its 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY BENEFIT AND EPIC RAFFLE ! ! ! This newness is in addition to the facts that they’ve just hired the marvelous Karl [...] by

Apply for Flying Object’s ResidencyX or Perish August 22, 2013: Poets and artists, don’t be dowf, manipulate your old things, but apply newly for the Flying Object ResidencyX; your brilliant ideas are being considered now (you have until November 15 for a [...] by

A Book Designed Both as a Map and a Book and Written by You for the First Flying Object Chapbook Initiative September 17, 2012: The strength of Flying Object lies in its initiatives. Among many other things less abstractly defined. Actually, this is quite concrete, and includes two of your favorite words: Submit to Flying [...] by

Poets on vinyl! May 13, 2011: Just announced: a new record label for poets! If you’ve wondered whither went Baltimore’s Narrow House Recordings or have held tightly to your 7” of Edmund Berrigan’s first I Feel Tractor [...] by