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  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Our hearts are aflutter over this article by E. Ce Miller about erasure/found poetry's distant cousin, "Blackout Poetry," a phenomenon that's sweeping the web....

  • Featured Blogger
    By Ladan Osman

    The video stills in the sixth row are from Oum Kalthoum's live performance of "Baeed Anak" or "Away From You." All other images...

  • By Edwin Torres

    jd >> fact that it is my edited selection of words. What is writing besides >> picking out words and putting them together in a frame?...

  • By Edwin Torres

    This is a 2-part (or multi-part, considering the amount of territory to cover) discussion about interior monologues and found-text as resource. Posed as a...

  • By Anselm Berrigan

    I remember being lazy and stupid and nonetheless curious. I remember the Optionists, the Actualists, the Pre-Born Bag of Chipists, the Expos, and the...

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