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riffs on Paris graff : 1 April 3, 2015: “The techno-linguistic machine is giving language to human beings, and also taking the place of human beings in language for the current generation,” writes Franco Berardi, in his strange, [...] by

The Dystopic Prophecy of Poetry & Other Notes on Franco Berardi at Entropy July 15, 2014: Brett Zehner sketches some solid notes for Entropy about Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s Semiotext(e) Interventions series book, The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance, which those of you [...] by

Lacking Any Avant-Garde? A Review of Franco Berardi’s The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance September 16, 2013: We posted the audio not too long ago from a Franco “Bifo” Berardi talk at Pratt Institute on his book The Uprising: Poetry and Finance (Semiotext(e) 2012), which considers poetry as a [...] by

Audio Now Online from Franco Berardi Talk on The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance November 19, 2012: Poetry and finance! Two great tastes that go great together, or something like that…one of the chapters is even called “Facism Femininity Futurism.” Intrigued? Yes! Exciting news [...] by