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Lost Perec Manuscript Discovered November 11, 2014: Until recently, Perec aficionados knew that there was one book that they couldn’t possibly have read, until now: Portrait of a Man. Perec completely divulged the truth of the early, unpublished [...] by

Very Into You: Chris Kraus Preps Believers for Kathy Acker’s Emails with MacKenzie Wark at the Dawn of the Internet Era September 5, 2014: Holy Moley, there’s a new book on the horizon edited by Matias Viegener that includes the tre romantique emails of new media theorist MacKenzie Wark and Kathy Acker. Chris Kraus maps it out for [...] by

Good Conscience: Rob Halpern Covers Conceptualism & Georges Perec August 9, 2013: A couple of things to relate to the All-Clad conversation on Conceptualism: Rob Halpern penned an essay pre-Bedient for The Claudius App IV, “Conceptual Writing by Rethood Onroda.” A [...] by

Finalement, the Translated Dream Journal of Georges Perec September 21, 2012: There are some of you to whom in other lives we’d like to read 124 dreams of Georges Perec. Alas and good, you may read them yourselfves. The Melville House blog will help us on this one: In [...] by