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On Poetry and Depression: Jay Griffiths’s Point of View June 22, 2016: Can poetry really heal? Jay Griffiths had had doubts about using poetry as a way to manage depression. But, as she writes for the Guardian, “I don’t normally write poetry, but in this illness [...] by

For the Love of Poetry on Napkins June 22, 2016: Guardian teen contributor Pedro shares his thoughts about Pedro Gabriel, a Brazilian artist who writes poetry on napkins. “Besides unusual, the author’s creative process is also influenced by [...] by

Guardian Weighs in on Rushdie Weighing in on Poem Memorization June 1, 2016: At the Guardian Homa Khaleeli accesses novelist Salman Rushdie’s recent comments at the Hay Festival about the “lost art” of poem memorization. In this article, read a few [...] by

The Guardian Hosts Forum to Counter ‘Posh and White’ U.K. Publishing December 15, 2015: At the Guardian, stars of Britain’s literary community weigh in to evaluate what could be done to diversify U.K. publishing and move away from a history of being “so posh and [...] by