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Kameelah Rasheed on Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, History, Strategic Opacity, & Susan Howe March 9, 2017: At Guernica, Kameelah Rasheed, visual artist, history teacher, and the official archivist for Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, discusses (among many other topics) the frustrating ways that [...] by

Guernica Interviews Tracy K. Smith About Her Memoir, Ordinary Light June 30, 2016: At Guernica, Tracy K. Smith discusses her first memoir, Ordinary Light, published last year by Knopf. Smith tells Christopher Kondrich: “It lived in reflection, in what I was unaware of. That [...] by

‘Metaphors are all we have to describe memory’: Kristin Prevallet’s ‘A Burning Is Not A Letting Go’ at Guernica May 16, 2016: In response to Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents, the theories of Oliver Sachs, and verse by Palestinian-American poet Fady Joudah—in collaboration with Suzanne Levine’s [...] by

How Crowdfunding Is Shaping Avant-Garde Literary Journals September 14, 2015: At The Guardian, Allison Flood reports on a fast-growing trend that is catching on with avant-garde literary journals: crowdfunding. Flood roots her analysis in the White Review’s recent [...] by

Paul Stephens on the Destruction & Renewal of (Poetic) Attention in Age of Info Overload July 20, 2015: At Guernica, writer Paul Stephens considers information overload and its eventual attention: “[t]here are 2.5 million stars in my pocket …. I have nearly unlimited access to music; I can [...] by

Hungry for Paradox: Maggie Nelson at Guernica March 18, 2015: A conversation with Maggie Nelson about motherhood, paradox, her many books (including The Argonauts, forthcoming from Graywolf this year), queer family-making, and language is a don’t-miss at [...] by

At Guernica: Richard Falk on Poetry, War, and Wallace Stevens August 7, 2014: At Guernica, international law and international relations scholar Richard Falk considers the writing of Wallace Stevens while observing the fighting in Gaza. During these days of continuing massacre [...] by

The Vow to Be a Poet: Lucie Brock-Broido in Conversation at Guernica November 1, 2013: The good editors at Guernica have published this fantastic interview with National Book Award finalist Lucie Brock-Broido. She provides insights on becoming a poet, vows she’s made to herself, [...] by

The Fallacy of the Fallacy of Nostalgia: Rebecca Wolff & David Byrne on the Fall of NYC October 8, 2013: Yesterday wasn’t a good day in print for NYC. Up at Guernica: Poet and Fence editor/publisher Rebecca Wolff skips over nothing in her essay-response to Joan Didion’s famous piece on [...] by

Andrew Zawacki and Idra Novey in Conversation July 10, 2013: On Guernica this week, Andrew Zawacki and Idra Novey are featured in a conversation moderated by Erica Wright, Guernica’s Poetry Editor, that touches on the subjects of imprisonment, [...] by