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Snapshots in a Family Album: Maud Martha, a Poet’s Narrative June 27, 2017: “It is the power of her imagination that allows her to be at once aware of her position in the world, but not complacent in accepting it.”  – Manuel Muñoz on Maud Martha It was with great [...] by

Gwendolyn Brooks at 100 June 22, 2017: But I say it’s fine. Honest, I do. And I’d like to be a bad woman too, And wear the stockings of night black lace. And strut down the street with paint on my face. —“song in the front [...] by

Chasing Ms. Brooks June 20, 2017: My initial encounter with Ms. Brooks occurred year two of an eight-year bid in a medium/max facility at Roxbury Correctional Center, Housing Unit III, C-Tier, Cell 17 in Hagerstown, Maryland, by way [...] by

‘It’s Got a Backbeat, You Can’t Lose It’: The Rhythm of ‘We Real Cool’ June 15, 2017: Like you, I first met Ms. Brooks outside the famous Golden Shovel.  In the spring of 2001, “The Pool Players” was lesson number one in Fran Quinn’s undergraduate poetry workshop at [...] by

An Exceeding Sun: Michael Anania on Gwendolyn Brooks June 13, 2017: When Quraysh Ali Lansana first invited me to blog about Gwendolyn Brooks, I was elated to be allowed this opportunity to write about such an influential American poet and Chicago icon. However, a few [...] by

Kevin Young Celebrates Gwendolyn Brooks in Topeka June 12, 2017: This weekend, poet and soon-to-be New Yorker poetry editor, Kevin Young visited Topeka, Kansas in order to present the keynote at Brooksfest, a festival commemorating the centennial of Gwendolyn [...] by

Alternet on Gwendolyn Brooks’s ‘Radical Poetry’ June 12, 2017: Alternet shares with its readers an excerpt from Angela Jackson’s new book, A Surprised Queenhood in the New Black Sun: The Life & Legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks (Beacon Press, May 2017). As [...] by

Sundays in Satin: The Eloquence of Gwendolyn Brooks June 8, 2017: “Save some of those for me, Michael, before you gobble them all up.” I was having afternoon tea with Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks, the grand lady of African American poetry. It was a full British tea, [...] by

Literary Hub Celebrates Gwendolyn Brooks’s Generosity June 8, 2017: Literary Hub shines a spotlight on Gwendolyn Brooks, not only for her excellent poetry, not only for being the first African-American to win the Pulitzer Prize, but also for her extremely generous [...] by

Against Miracles June 6, 2017: “It was not natural.  And she was the first.”  With these words, June Jordan opens her incisive and deeply moving essay on poet Phillis Wheatley, whose emergence from the hold of the slaveship [...] by