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Bridge of the World: An Interview With Roberto Harrison May 30, 2017: Some stopped writing because they had written their dreams so well. I cannot stop, because I am just beginning to dream, just beginning to see through myself in the world, not so that I can become [...] by

Jasper Bernes Considers Cybernetics & Literature for e-flux May 5, 2017: Jasper Bernes writes an essay for the May issue of e-flux, titled “The Poetry of Feedback” about American literature and counterculture during this period of cybernetics. “If you [...] by

Lucky Us: Hannah Weiner’s WRITTEN IN/The Zero One Now Available in the Digital Realm October 14, 2015: Hannah Weiner’s WRITTEN IN/The Zero One (Post Neo, 1985) has been made available this week as digitally readable or downloadable at Eclipse. “Published in 1985 by Pete Spence’s Post [...] by

THIS IS MESSY, WE’RE NOT SORRY: Elegant Mire with Carrie Lorig, v. 3 April 29, 2015: Cassandra:  so i have the fruit tree! Carrie:  and the ocean skirting it! Cassandra:  or, there will be something for me at the table Carrie:  yeah totally i’m also trying to think that way [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: V Manuscript April 20, 2015: On a facebook thread not too long ago I told V Manuscript that I would like for him to come to the Bay Area and deliver a large volume of his own blood directly into an open wound located somewhere [...] by

Platforms for Writing: Patrick Durgin Searches at Jacket 2 October 14, 2014: While explaining Hannah Weiner’s telegram in Art in the Mind, a study of conceptual art at Oberlin in 1970, Patrick Durgin walks readers through a few pieces that he has been working on, to be [...] by

Patrick Durgin Sees Hannah Weiner’s Clairvoyance at Jacket 2 August 5, 2014: At Jacket 2 Patrick Durgin, editor of Hannah Weiner’s Open House and The Early and Clairvoyant Journals of Hannah Weiner, contributes his well-thorough essay on Weiner’s [...] by

Patrick Durgin’s Introduction to New French Edition of Clairvoyant Journal July 24, 2014: Wow: We are admittedly still making our way through this incredible, essential paper by Patrick Durgin, but please set your reading-marks on it, too. Currently at Jacket2 and written for the new [...] by

Avant Garde Journalism February 11, 2013: We were stumbling around the interwebs and came upon this item that should be exciting for all you avant garde sleuths out there—Avant Garde Journalism: Experiments in the Every Day. Yes, [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney’s Safety Book: Hannah Weiner’s The Fast June 18, 2012: We are overjoyed about this one (had to). At the Rescue Press blog, Joyelle McSweeney reminds us how great Hannah Weiner’s The Fast is (no, seriously): “I now think of the artist as a [...] by