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Casually Incandescent: Believer Poetry and Book Awards Awarded May 1, 2012: The Believer has announced some winners in the world of letters! Firstly, congratulations to Heather Christle, whose book The Trees The Trees has earned her the second-annual Believer Poetry Award. [...] by

What is Amazing is Watching Heather Christle Make a List Poem Out of Re-tweets Starting with the Phrase “What is Amazing” March 22, 2012: Check out Heather Christle’s Twitter account. She’s doing this, obviously, in honor of her amazing new book What is Amazing. Her handle: @heatherchristle. Go go go! And go, Heather! by

Call Heather Christle! She’ll Read You a Poem! July 1, 2011: Well, hopefully she changes her phone number after this stunt, but until then, call Heather Christle! To promote her new book, The Trees The Trees (just out from Octopus), Heather is keeping the line [...] by