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Melville Tried Poetry After His Fiction’s Darkest Days September 28, 2016: After his initial failure as a commercial novelist, “American legend to be” Herman Melville took a stab at poetry (but unfortunately failed at that too). Via Literary Hub: When Herman [...] by

Miscellany April 18, 2013: The problem with Koch’s books about teaching children to write poetry is that his method does not teach them to be poets. It teaches them to make what will look like poems to us—but like diddling [...] by

A Look at Two Versions of A Melville Poem December 21, 2012: Check out this article at at the NY Times Opinionator blog. It begins: Early in 1864 Herman Melville was one of a number of Northern writers solicited to contribute works to “Autograph Leaves of [...] by

Navigating the Whale of Amherst December 22, 2010: Nick Montfort and Stephanie Strickland first began working on Sea and Spar Between a year ago, expecting that their poetry generator would take only a few days to complete. Now published on Dear [...] by