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The Vanishing Act March 10, 2016: I have been thinking of ways in which writers have vanished—the way they have vanished themselves from the literary world and from the world itself. I have been thinking, specifically, of how [...] by

Notes Toward a New Language: On Nourishment April 20, 2015: “To feed” is the most basic verb, the most fundamental, the most rooted. It expresses the primordial activity, the primary, basic function, the act “I” engage in even before I am born or [...] by

Notes Toward a New Language: On Herta Müller April 13, 2015: It is not you who will speak; let the disaster speak in you. –Maurice Blanchot In an interview in The Paris Review (Fall 2014) Herta Müller stated: Back then in the factory I wrote because I [...] by

Chinese Poet Li Bifeng Sentenced to 12 Years in Jail November 21, 2012: More shameful news from our China Arts Dept: The Guardian reports that Chinese dissident poet Li Bifeng has been jailed for 12 years, though formerly in prison for five, due to his involvement in the [...] by