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  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Far more than a quirk of the Gregorian calendar, Leap Day has the potential to disrupt our lives worse more than a thousand Mercurys...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    At The Guardian, a piece on poet Gregory Pardlo, with an eye on diversity, recognition, and how they really translate in terms of visibility...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    The very influential VIDA has announced some leadership changes! Erin Belieu, who has acted as VIDA’s official spokesperson since the organization’s founding, said: “Editors...

  • From Poetry Magazine
    By Cate Marvin

    [Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Cate Marvin’s “Dead Girl Gang Bang” appears in...

  • By Rachel Zucker

    This morning [4.9.10] I moderated a panel called “Writing In(to) the Age of Obama.” The purpose of the panel was two-fold: to talk about...

  • By Rebecca Wolff

    On my way to work this morn listening to local NPR interviewing the woman who wrote this book called Confessions of a Jane Austen...

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