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A New York City Interview With Julien Poirier April 17, 2017: This weekend’s edition of Hyperallergic features an interview with Julien Poirier by Jeffrey Grunthaner (“Going Crazy in New York and San Francisco: An Interview with Poet Julien [...] by

Hyperallergic Reports on Growing Support for the National Endowment for the Arts April 14, 2017: As you might have gathered from our recent posts about the National Endowment for the Art’s current limbo status, we’re following the headlines with bated breath hoping that the NEA [...] by

Inspiration Is Everywhere: Sharon Mesmer Talks to Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle March 28, 2017: Well, happy Tuesday: Sharon Mesmer is interviewed by Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle at Hyperallergic. So if you haven’t heard the term “Flarf” bandied about in a while, get ready. [...] by

Hyperallergic Encounters Adjua Greaves March 21, 2017: Adjua Greaves’s performative poetic practice is the subject of an article by Louis Bury at Hyperallergic. Greaves, “an information artist making relational work in New York City” [...] by

A Place of Sympathetic Imagination: Alan Felsenthal’s Lowly March 21, 2017: Alan Felsenthal’s debut poetry collection, Lowly (Ugly Duckling Presse), has received a thoughtful review from John Yau in Hyperallergic. Yau acknowledges Felsenthal’s largesse in the [...] by

Philippe Soupault’s Lost Profiles Reviewed at Hyperallergic March 9, 2017: We have Philippe Soupault, City Lights, and Joseph Nechvatal at Hyperallergic to thank for setting the record straight on Surrealism as it rose to prominence as a leading movement of the Parisian [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Casts a Keen Eye on Marjorie Welish’s So What So That March 8, 2017: In his Diary, Barry Schwabsky guides Hyperallergic readers into new work by American poet Marjorie Welish. Taking a queue from the American jazz artist Thelonious Monk, Welish’s new collection [...] by

Writers Plan to Resist Trump at AWP & Writers Plan to Resist AWP January 31, 2017: The 2017 Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference & Bookfair (aka AWP) takes place next weekend in D.C., but accompanying it this year are a couple of simultaneous [...] by

Cunt Norton Devoured at Hyperallergic January 31, 2017: Barry Schwabsky discovers Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton (Les Figues Press, 2013) at Hyperallergic’s Weekend Reads. Bellamy, the subject of a 2013 Harriet interview with Sara Wintz, wrote [...] by

Hyperallergic Reads the Russian Futurists January 30, 2017: The Getty Research Institute has launched a new website that invites users to surf through four Russian futurist art books and encounter ten zaum poems by Russian futurist poets and painters. In [...] by