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Who Is Doris Cross? April 25, 2014: Over at the Marfa Book Company, where there is a beautiful gallery space—and where they’ve exhibited works by Robert Grenier, Roni Horn, Rosa Barba, Luis Camnitzer, Nicolas G. Miller, among other [...] by

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Agoraphobia, New Exhibition in Glasgow July 30, 2013: Martine F. Pugh writes for Art in Healthcare about Ian Hamilton Finlay, the “avant-gardener,” and the agoraphobia that affected him throughout his adult life: His movements may have been [...] by

Set in a Landscape: Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Selections November 28, 2012: Ian Hamilton Finlay’s new book, Selections (UC Press 2012), edited with an introduction by Alec Finlay, has been reviewed over at Booktryst. Alastair Johnston writes of Finlay’s [...] by

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Concrete Poems on Display November 20, 2012: From The Guardian: “When I hear the words Arts Council”, Ian Hamilton Finlay once wrote, “I reach for my water pistol.” The body in the line of fire was the Scottish Arts [...] by

Ian Hamilton Finlay and Dieter Roth Exhibitions July 30, 2012: The Ingleby Gallery has an upcoming exhibition, “Ian Hamilton Finlay – Twilight Remembers” and Fruitmarket Gallery will offer up “Dieter Roth: Diaries.” From the Financial [...] by