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  • From Poetry Magazine
    By Alice Lyons

    The Editors’ Blog occasionally features online exclusives by Poetry’s contributors. This installment comes from Alice Lyons, whose poem “Happy Valley” appeared in our February...

  • Featured Blogger
    By E. Tracy Grinnell

    with Chris Warrington Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their...

  • Featured Blogger
    By George Quasha

    About twelve years ago it entered my mind that no matter how much I thought about what I do—poetry, art, music—I had never arrived...

  • Featured Blogger
    By E. Tracy Grinnell

    I was delighted, if a bit apprehensive, when invited to blog for Harriet during Poetry Month this April. I don’t really think of myself...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Over at the New York Times, Daniel M Gold has reviewed Christopher Felver's documentary on "poet, publisher, activist and San Francisco eminence" Lawrence Ferlinghettti. The...

  • By Thom Donovan

    This past weekend I saw Austrian director Michael Haneke’s newest film, The White Ribbon. Seeing any film by Haneke I go to it...

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